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Windows IT Pro - Digital Advertising

Build brand awareness around your products and services by reaching a senior level group of IT professionals. Through our suite of online and print products, we offer a full range of opportunities to make your brand pop!

Web Advertising

More than 2.7 million people visit Windows IT Pro’s suite of Web sites each month, generating more than 7 million total monthly page views.

Banner ad positions include:

Half pages • Rectangles • Leaderboards • Roadblocks • Sponsored text links • Peelbacks

Ask our sales team about these unique sponsorship options

  • Microsites
  • Videocasts
  • Screencasts
  • Web Seminars
  • eBooks
  • Technical Advisor
  • White Papers
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Pop Quiz
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Directory
  • Left-Brain
  • Virtual Events
  • Pocket Guides
Email Advertising

Reach more than 550,000 IT professionals with our daily email newsletters. About 71% of our readers subscribe to more than one of our email newsletters, and 34% say they spend one or more hours reading and looking through our email newsletter each month.

What Readers Do When They See an Email Ad


Our Newsletters
  • WinInfo Daily UPDATE: Daily newsletter, Paul Thurrott covers everything Windows - reviews, commentary, analysis, and tips.
  • Windows IT Pro UPDATE: Weekly newsletter featuring industry news, products, tips and resources for IT professionals as well as FAQs about Windows server and client technology.
  • Security UPDATE: Newsletter covering the latest Windows security risks, attacks and how to fix or avoid them.
  • Cloud & Virtualization UPDATE: Get the latest news, blogs and analysis to help you to determine your organization’s cloud and virtualization strategy. Delivered weekly.
  • Exchange and Outlook UPDATE:  This weekly newsletter showcases the latest news, strategies, products and developments in Exchange Server and Outlook messaging  

Product Spotlight

Highlight your new products in our regularly scheduled Product Spotlight email newsletter. Your product will be featured along with editorial content from Windows IT Pro. Numerous spots are available each month on various topics.

Third-Party Lists

Deliver your own message to a targeted audience of IT professionals. Through Windows IT Pro, you can reach a specialized audience that generates strong click-through responses.

Ads in any of our various email newsletters are effective in helping your company grow your business. In the last 12 months, 68% of our readers said they bought a product or service, contacted an advertiser, clicked on an ad or downloaded information after seeing an ad in one of our email newsletters.

"Colligo Networks is a major fan of SharePoint Pro Connections and Windows IT Pro. There is simply no better way to reach IT Pros and SharePoint executives worldwide. Our webseminars and tradeshows make up a very important lead generation component of our marketing plan each year, and they are crucial to our marketing success."

- Genèse Castonguay
VP Marketing
Colligo Networks Inc.
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