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SharePoint Pro - Digital Advertising

Digital advertising provides a cost-effective way to strengthen your media campaign and build your brand. Online advertising connects you with potential customers, drives traffic to your Web site and provides quantifiable results.

Web Advertising

Advertising on SharePoint Pro Web site puts your products in front of developers and management looking for application, web, networking and software solutions.

Banner ad positions include:

Half pages • Rectangles • Leaderboards • Roadblocks • Sponsored text links • Peelbacks

Increase your brand visibility with these digital sponsorships:

  • Web Seminars: Your most effective outreach is to someone who is actively looking for solutions and education. Putting your products in front of developers at the right time is the key principle that makes webcasts so successful.
  • Podcasts: Interviews and discussions on topics vital to SharePoint professionals, presented and reported by SharePoint Pro staff and independent SharePoint experts.
  • eBooks: Pre-written articles woven together that we brand with the sponsor’s name and logo.
  • Technical Advisor: Designed for busy IT professionals who want a solid overview, it’s more in-depth than an article, but less time commitment than an ebook.
  • Virtual Conference: Events are a great way to generate leads, and our online conference events not only bring in more prospects at a better cost, they provide the best qualification mechanism of any available marketing vehicle.

And more: White Papers, Blogs, Videos, Pop Quizzes, Online and Print Buyer’s Guide, Pocket Guides, Microsites

Email Advertising

Ads in any of our various email newsletters are effective in helping your company grow your business. Reach more than 40,000 developer professionals with our weekly email newsletters.

Our Newsletters

  • SharePoint Pro UPDATE
    SharePoint for IT professionals and developers--weekly tips, news, and how-to's from industry experts Dan Holme, Andrew Connell, Ted Pattison and the Critical Path Training Team.

Product Showcase

Highlight your new products in our regularly scheduled Product Showcase email newsletter. Your product will be featured along with editorial content from SharePoint Pro . Numerous spots are available each month on various topics.

Third-Party Lists

Deliver your own message to a targeted audience of developer professionals. Through SharePoint Pro , you can reach a specialized audience that generates strong click-through responses.

What Readers Do When They See an Email Ad


"Bamboo Solutions has been working with SharePoint Pro Connections for monthly email promotions for the last three years. The ongoing campaigns have been very effective in reaching SharePoint users with Bamboo’s product messages and event announcements."

- Janet Goda
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