Technology B2B Marketing

Reach the IT and Developer community through our highly-acclaimed suite of editorial products. In addition to traditional advertising, we offer innovative ways to reach and maintain a dialogue with prospects. We look forward to hearing from you!

Supersite for Windows
Windows IT Pro is the largest independent IT community outside of Microsoft. Talk to the decision makers. Access the big budgets. Engage with experienced IT professionals.

Advertising with SQL Server gets you to the heart of the DBA audience. With decision makers from small-medium and large-sized businesses, you’ll engage with experienced IT and developer professionals.

The only magazine devoted to all things SharePoint. Offers IT and Developer professionals guidance to help align technology and business.

DevProConnections largest audience are developers, engineers and programmers looking for practical guidance to daily tasks and the C-level executives and managers that make the purchasing decisions.

iPro Developer is the single source for developers for all IBM i, System i, iSeries, and AS/400 needs. Reach the experienced developers of this community.

POWER IT Pro is devoted to the unique IT and business benefits of AIX and the IBM Power Systems stack. The only network that is fully engaged with influential IT professionals within the IBM i, Power Systems and PureSystems technology community.

my IT forum represents a large community of systems administrators, management, and key decision makers who frequent the web site to obtain support and valuable information for all aspects of IT.