B2B Market Research Services

Actionable insights for more informed business decisions.

Penton covers your market with access to highly engaged audiences spanning a broad range of industries and professional roles. We provide valuable insight and guidance, whether you need to more deeply understand your audience, build your brand, expand into new markets, test product concepts or refine your strategic plans. When your company has questions, Penton delivers answers.

Penton adheres to the highest standards in primary business-to-business research, and has been doing so for over 20 years. In addition to editorial and strategic research supporting Penton’s media properties, we conduct custom proprietary research for service providers and manufacturers in a wide variety of industries. Clients include: General Mills, Kraft, HBO, TD Ameritrade, Siemens, IBM, The Prudential, DuPont, Shell Oil, Kronos and hundreds of others.

Custom Research and Reporting

Our team of highly accredited research experts can customize a study designed to address your specific objectives and needs. Each project begins with a consultative intake of your goals, immersion into your target audiences and discussion of how the data will be used (and by whom). We then develop a research methodology designed to turn data into insights.

The Penton Difference

We have the ability to target your precise market and reach engaged decision makers.

Our market expertise is backed by a proprietary database of more than five million business professionals, providing access to an engaged audience willing to participate in market research studies. These professionals trust our brands. They visit our web sites, read our newsletters, attend our webinars and value the editorial authority of our magazines. Using this audience as a base – and expanding beyond that as – we can create an ideal research sample of targeted individuals based on your unique criteria.

Pulse of the Market

Our Pulse of the Market polls allow you to get quick feedback on a single question, or a series of questions presented in consecutive monthly polls. Pulse of the Market polls are ideal when you need a quick answer to a hot topic, or an initial reaction from a qualified audience. Each poll consists of a single question with up to six possible responses (no open-ended responses).

A Full Service Research Provider

Penton will manage all phases of your research project, including:

  • Research design and methodology

  • Sampling

  • Survey development and programming

  • Hosting and deployment

  • Statistical analysis

  • Modeling

  • Custom reports