About Penton Marketing Services

We make connections... matching audience needs with client solutions.

Penton Marketing Services has solutions focused around the pain points many marketers face – understanding customer needs, creating quality content, driving traffic to web sites, generating leads and then nurturing those leads towards sales.

As publishers serving more than a hundred targeted communities, businesses partner with Penton to:

  • Tap into our deep industry knowledge and audience expertise
  • Gain access to our exclusive audience relationships
  • Connect to audiences across our many online and in-person marketing channels

Today’s B2B Marketing Roadmap

Today’s B2B Marketing Roadmap

Determine audience needs

Market Research

Monitor online conversations

Where, who, how to reach audience

Outline content mix

Outreach schedule




Search marketing

Social media

Build awareness

Establish thought leadership

Educate target audience



Prioritize leads for sales

Increase revenue

The Penton Marketing Services roadmap starts with listening to and learning from your target audience. That intelligence helps shape decisions all along the roadmap, so your customer remains at the center of your marketing plans.

Listen and learn…

With deep industry expertise and audience trust, we can get to the heart of your audience needs by conducting:

  • Quantitative research like surveys and polls
  • Qualitative research through online monitoring and interviews.

Editorial experts guide you in the right questions to ask, and veteran research analysts turn the responses into actionable business insights.

When you understand your audience needs and pain points, you can provide them with the educational and product specific content that will lead them towards a purchasing decision.

Create your strategy, and build a sustainable marketing foundation:

It is important to have clearly defined goals. Our marketing team can help you decide what is important. What will move the needle. And how to establish the performance indicators that will keep the momentum moving towards your goal.

With the proper research analysis, we can help you build a marketing strategy and strong foundation that meets your customer’s needs. You’ll have the confidence that your marketing dollars will be well spent.

Mapping Content:

In order to effectively market to your audience, you need content that speaks to your primary influencers and decision makers. Creating content that moves your audience towards a purchase decision is what we do best…we do it everyday.

Go to market:

This is when it gets really fun – where the programs unfold and we monitor, analyze and adjust plans as needed. With clear goals and KPIs established we can all celebrate the successes and refine the areas that need adjustment.

Nurture and prioritize leads for sales:

Our programs don’t stop once you have a quality pool of leads. We help increase your sales opportunities by continuing the dialogue with your audience - providing them the information needed to move them towards a purchase decision.

Making sure you are top of mind, building the trust and confidence which is necessary to ultimately make the sale.

Learn more about our B2B Marketing Roadmap process through our web seminar series, now available on demand!



For millions of business owners and decision-makers, Penton makes the difference every day. We engage our professional users by providing actionable ideas and insights, data and workflow tools, community and networking, both in person and virtually, all with deep relevance to their specific industries. We then activate this engagement by connecting users with tens of thousands of targeted providers of products and services to help drive business growth. Learn more about our company at www.penton.com.

Penton is a privately held company owned by MidOcean Partners and U.S. Equity Partners II, an investment fund sponsored by Wasserstein & Co., LP.